Remarks: no loading or unloading facilities; vessels use own gear. The inner old harbour is only used for fishing boats.

Whrf Name: NE Pier (new)

Length: 200

Min Depth: 9 Whrf Name: NE Pier (old) Length: 140

Min Depth: 8.53 Whrf Name: W Pier Length: 70

Min Depth: 8.53 Whrf Name: SW Pier

Length: 62

Min Depth: 8.53

Pilotage: Non Compulsory (No Charge for Pilotage)

Radio Frequency Information:

VHF Channels 12 & 19


Weather: The Port is open to the N winds, and protected by the islet Ayioi Pantes

Largest Vessel: 230m loa

Provisions: Avaliable through local agents

Water: There are water-supply installations at the piers (2x25m3/h)

Bunkers: Available in small quantities at the piers by road tankers

Medical Facilities: General Hospital available

Working Hours: 0700 - 1500

Cargo Worked: Approx 400 t/day general cargo and approx 150 - 200t of bulk cargo

Airport: Iraklion Airport, 60 km